Town Of Galen

Wayne County


2016 Dog Enumeration
July 19, 2016


Town of Galen/Clyde  Residents


Effective September 15th, 2016, the Town of Galen

                           will be conducting a Dog Enumeration (census) by mail           

throughout the Village of Clyde and Town of Galen


During the period of September 15 – October 31, 2016

if a dog is found to be unlicensed, the owner will be responsible

for an additional $5.00 fee plus the annual license fee. The Animal

Control Officer will be doing random house visits to ensure census

accuracy beginning after November 1, 2016. If at this time you are

found to be harboring an unlicensed dog(s) you will be subject to

possible court fines of $50 per dog along with a one-time census fee of

$5 per dog that will be added to the dog license base fee.


Please take this opportunity to get your dog licensed.

Before Sept. 15, 2016   Neutered/Spayed - $7.50 Unneutered/Unspayed - $ 15.50

Sept. 15, - Oct. 31, 2016 Neutered/Spayed - $12.50 Unneutered/Unspayed - $ 20.50


Dogs can be licensed through the Galen Town Clerk’s Office

Located at 6 South Park Street, Clyde, New York (315/923-7259)

At time of licensing, a current rabies vaccination certificate

and if applicable spay/neutering documentation is required.



Town of Galen Board

Norma Lancaster – Galen Town Clerk

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